Tuesday, July 29, 2008

scrapping garden color challenge kit

Here is my mini kit I designed for this months challenge. I call it Summer Jewels. I have been learning all sorts of neat design tips and the most fun and easy one is how to use scripts. If you want to get some head over to scrapping garden and check out Lise Lotte Sunesen's store. She has some fabulous ones and oh so easy. Hope you enjoy it and leave a little love here or at scrapping garden if you download it. Anyway, you can download this kit at the following links.

I can't believe a month has past by

wow I did not realize that it had been a whole month since my last post. So much has happened since then. Let me start with the Salvation Army Western Bible conference. It was absolutely fabulous. The speakers were down to earth and inspiring. I enjoyed every minute of it. The next one being planned is in 2010 and I would recommend everyone to think about attending. The conference was held at Asilomar near Monterey California. We got to go to the beach which is one of my absolute favorite places to be. I love to hear the ocean come into shore. It was a great time and I am so blessed that I got to share it with my husband, mom, aunt Floy, aunt Dora, aunt Judy, and uncle Doug. Commissioner Gaither really challenged us to get out there and live our Christianity out loud and Bill Ury brought the book of Mark alive like I have never heard before.
This past weekend was our diviaional Family Bible camp held here in Wasilla at King's Lake, (the Alaska division Salvation Army camp.) Our special guest was long time friend Major Kelly Pontsler. The theme was come join our Army and even though I have been in the Salvation Army all my life, it was interesting and fun. I especially enjoyed the Salvation Army DNA and "are you smarter than a Junior Soldier" My sister, mom, and I did a workshop on Salvation Army Heritage. We split it in 3 segments. I did the part of the Salvation Army in Alaska, June did the Salvation Army in general, and we each did a little about our own heritage in the Salvation Army.
Now on to my scrapbooking. I have to say that one of my LO's done with all sorts of animals is actually a testimony of God's greatness. Recently it had been said that many times we pray but do not act like we believe God will give us what we are asking. My aunts and mom had been telling me all about the animals they had seen on the trip down to California and I wanted to see the animals also. I kept complaining about not seeing any and asking God to let me. But it was not until I acutally took my camera out of the bag and set it on the dashboard that I began to see them. You see, I had to act like I believed God would give me what I wanted. Here is the 2 page LO I did of the animals I saw on my trip home.