Saturday, February 28, 2009

This has been some day to end out February. We had plans to go into Anchorage for a parade, dog sled races, Native dancing, and outhouse races. The weather unfortunately did not cooperate. To make matters worse, I had 3 little girls from church stay with us last night so that they could go. They were quite disappointed. The weather was not looking good, but we loaded the car and started our travels. About 20 miles out, the roads got worse, the visibility got worse, and people were landing in the ditch on the side of the road, in fact, there were about 7 cars in a 1 mile stretch that had just gone in the ditch right before we arrived at that location. We went down to an off ramp and turned around for home. It is a good thing we did, because as the day progressed so did the severity of the weather. It snowed about 8 inches today in a 10 hour period. The kids went out and played in the snow and then their mom decided they should come on home instead of stay tonight and go to church tomorrow. That really disappointed them, but their mom was concerned for their safety. By the time I was able to unwind enough to get on the computer, I realized I had not uploaded my color challenge mini kit at TSG and had no preview. So I started working on it, and nothing seemed to go right. I finally got it done, but it was quite late. Anyway, the name I chose for it was "Sweet Attitude" because even with all that took place today, that is what I know God would want me to have.

Because of all the scares about 4 shared, I tried something different this time. To download the files, you can go here
If you have any trouble, leave me a comment here or email me and I will try and get it to you another way.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

February is flying by

Do you believe it is the 25th of February 2009. It seems like only yesterday the year was just beginning. I am wanting to share a few things with you that I have read. First is from a book by John Ortberg called "When the game is over, it all goes back in the box." He says, "When my son John was very small, he loved to play with machines and gadgets by the hour. One day when he was 3, he had been working with a tape recording for an hour or so. Finally, he looked at his mom and said, "Mom, you know what the trouble with life is?" "No, I don't. What's the trouble with life?" Then a 3 year old boy sitting on the floor, who had thoroughly reflected on both Fisher-Price technology and the condition of human existence, made one of the most profound observations of life that I have ever heard: "The trouble with life," he said, "is that it doesn't have a rewind button."
That had stuck with me for the past 3 weeks since I read, it. My prayer for myself is that I don't act in a way that would cause me to wish I could rewind. I hope that all I do and say is for God's glory and points to Jesus not me.
The second thing I read in a devotion a few days ago and it says. Dr. M. R. De Haan, founder of RBC Ministries, kept a motto in his office; "Perhaps Today." When we make our daily plans, are we aware that Christ may return? ARe we prepared to meet Him? Matthew 24:44 says to be ready for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect. IF Christ comes today, will you be ready to meet Him? Perhaps Today

And now for my most recent LO's. I have now been asked to do CT LO's for Karen Kleinman in addition to Scrapping Garden, Pat Hall, and Lise Lotte Sunesen. Here are the last few I have done.

Davids Determination is done with Karen Kleinman's new kit called Exquisite Garden.
you can find the elements here, and the papers here.
Mara and Grandma Steele is done with Vintage Valentine by April Sevigny and Marsha Connell(aka froggypond)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

February is half over already

I just don't know where the time is going. It seems like just yesterday we were sitting in the house wishing it was not so cold so we could see the New Year's Eve fireworks. I can't believe it is already February 18th. I have been busy scrapbooking at The Scrapping Garden.
This month I worked with Kakliedesigns lovely kit called Soft Fancy Fleurons.
Here are the LO's I did using this kit. One is a scraplift, and one is using a template for a challenge at pickleberrypop.

Our youth groups Valentine's party. Playing a game called "Heart Hop."

My daughter Jessica

The other kit I worked with is Pat Hall's Friends Indeed and add on.
Here is one of the LO's using this kit.