Monday, December 1, 2008

The final month of the year

Just seems like yesterday the year was starting and now it is winding down. Today was bitter cold here and when I was leaving my church (the Salvation Army) tonight, my car would not start. It turned over, but just would not catch. I had a new fuel pump and filter put in the middle of October and it has not worked great since then. Will have to get it towed to the shop in the morning and see what is going on. I just can't believe all the problems. It started just fine at home earlier today, ran just fine, with no issues and yet tonight it just wouldn't. Oh bother, and to top it off, Paul called and said the hospital was slow so they were putting him on call. Now that means that instead of over $18.00 an hour he only gets $4.50 an hour. That really hurts the pocket book. But I know that God will provide, just hope the car does not take a bunch of money cause I don't have it. Well, since I have to spend tomorrow doing things that I had not planned on, I guess I better get some work done tonight. God Bless and remember "JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON", WITHOUT CHRIST THERE WOULD BE NO CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!

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